Residents and investors whose lives were turned upside down when a 200ft crane smashed into a Liverpool city centre apartment block have suffered a “year of hell”.

For many of those who were in the Chandler’s Wharf development when the incident happened last July, they continue to suffer from stress and mental trauma.

Meanwhile, some young investors, who had bought flats as an investment, have found themselves having to sleep on friends’ floors or facing eviction because they cannot meet the ongoing mortgage payments.

Almost a year on, the Health and Safety Executive has still not reported on liability which means that solicitors’ actions on behalf of tenants and owners have effectively stalled.

Armstrongs Solicitors and Beenletdown.com, who are acting for a number of people affected by the incident, said: “Oue clients have been through a year of hell and there is no end in sight.

“Some of them continue to suffer from serious health conditions, while others have found themselves facing eviction or having to resort to sleeping on friends’ floors.

“It is simply not good enough that the Health and Safety Executive should take this long to produce a report attributing liability. The lives of my clients and those of dozens of other residents caught up in this dreadful incident have been turned upside down and until there is a resolution, they are unable to move forward.”

Residents could receive sizeable compensation claims. The total compensation bill for all those affected could run into millions of pounds, according to Armstrongs.

Any compensation would have to cover potential financial loss for possessions, increased rent, expenses from loss of home and any physical or psychiatric injury.

Katherine and Marcella O’Hare were sleeping in their beds when the crane and 55 tonnes of concrete blocks smashed into their building at midday on July 6 last year.

Katherine said: “We have been through hell during the past year and we cannot believe how slow the authorities have been to help us start rebuilding our lives.

“Almost 12 months on, both of us continue to suffer from stress and other serious health issues.”

Other victims to continue to suffer from the fallout of the incident include Colin Rogers, who faces being evicted from his new accommodation because he cannot afford to meet the rent payments.

Meanwhile, recruitment consultant Leon Davies, who owns a flat in Chandler’s Wharf, has had to resort to sleeping on a friend’s floor and now renting a bedsit because the continuing mortgage payments on his empty apartment are crippling him financially.

Armstrongs added: “Perhaps if the HSE and the various insurance companies involved came to see first hand what my clients and others are going through, they might not have been so willing to let this terrible ordeal drag on for such a long time.”

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