Armstrongs have a dedicated unit which deals with solicitors negligence claims.

What is the procedure if you instruct Armstrong’s to deal with your negligence claim?

The  Pre-Action Protocol for claims against professionals is designed to enable Claimants to settle a claim without having to issue a claim .  If you have a claim against a solicitor then the protocol lays down certain steps which we would follow to enable your claim to be brought.

Preliminary Notice

We will write  a short letter if necessary outlining details of the claim and advising your former solicitor  to notify their insurers.

Letter of Acknowledgement

They  should then acknowledge that letter within 21 days.

Letter of claim

We will then  complete our investigations. This is likely to involve us obtaining the solicitors complete file of papers.It is important that you also send us all papers that you have been sent by your former solicitor whilst you instructed them A detailed letter of claim will be drafted which will set out the chronology of events and the legal argument that will be relied on in support of the claim.  Any documents which are relevant will be referred to and any  expert report provided.  We will set out in that letter  the amount that you are seeking to recover from the solicitor and how it’s calculated.

Letter of Acknowledgement

The Defendant’s solicitor should then acknowledge that letter within 21 days.

Letter of response

The Defendant will then have  3 months from the date of the letter of acknowledgement to investigate the negligence claim against the solicitor.  When the response is received the Defendant should set out what parts of the claim are admitted or denied and why that is the case.  If your opponent disputes your version of events they should set out why that is the case and provide any documentation in support.

Letter of Settlement

It is at this point that if a settlement is to be achieved then a letter will be written setting out the proposals to compensate you for the negligence.

Further correspondence

If it looks as though the issues have narrowed  and there is a prospect of settlement then your solicitor may well seek to correspond and attempt to the settle the claim.  If not, and there is no prospect of securing a settlement then we are able to issue proceedings on your behalf.

If you have a negligence claim against a Solicitor or any type of professional negligence claim call us on 0151 236 3737 or fill in one of our enquiry forms on line.

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