Solicitors Negligence Claims

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Solicitors Negligence Claims.

Armstrongs, professional negligence solicitors writes as to what you need to prove to bring a professional negligence claim and win claims for compensation.

1.      That your solicitor owed you a duty of care.

This is easy for us to prove.

2.      That there had been a breach of that duty of care.  Your solicitor  must carry out the work with reasonable care and skill.  If not, he may be judged to be negligent and responsible for your loss.  Your solicitor is not expected to be the best in his or her field but simply act on your behalf or conduct your claim to the standard of a reasonably competent solicitor.  The duty of care owed by a solicitor to you will be summarised as follows:-

(i)      To exercise reasonable care and skill.

(ii)     To advise on all matters which are relevant to your solicitor’s instruction by you.

(ii)     To always protect your interest.

(iv)    To carry out your instructions.

(v)     To keep you informed on a regular basis.

It will be necessary for us to look at your individual circumstances of your case and examine any mistakes that have been made.

The Breach of Duty of care has caused you loss

Once we have been able to show that the standard of care is inadequate your professional negligence solicitor will need to show that the lack of skill or care has caused you a loss in monetary terms.

We will examine in particular circumstances and advise as to whether you have suffered a loss or the extent of the loss suffered.

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