Solicitor Negligence Loss of Credit Rating.

Published on 02 December 2010 by admin in blog


Liverpool Solicitors Armstrongs has  received a number of enquiries as to solicitor negligence claims against solicitors arising out of negligent advice given as to PPI, credit cards and loan agreements and subsequent loss of credit record/rating.

You will recall that about two years ago there was a flurry of claims against the banks arising out of loan agreements and credit cards. Claims were made that clients could write off their credit card debts and loan agreements if there were technical breaches in the agreements or payment protection policies had been miss old.

Many Solicitors advised clients to stop making payments or failed to advise that if they did stop payments that they were at risk of losing their credit rating.

So what is the claim that you can bring against your solicitor if he advised you to stop paying your credit card or loan agreement and as a consequence your credit rating was spoiled?

Clients will be entitled to claim general damages to reflect all difficulties that they now  have in obtaining credit.

In addition special damages as to any increase in the cost of credit or inability to borrow money.

If you require advice on a claim in negligence against your solicitor arising out of their negligent advice as to a Consumer Credit Act claim regarding an unenforceable credit agreement and subsequent bad credit rating then call us on 0151 236 3737 or fill in one of our enquiry forms online.

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