Dental Negligence

Liverpool Solicitors Armstrongs will deal with your claim against your Dentist. Dental Negligence claims have   increased dramatically over the last few years. Many more patients are ready to challenge their Dentist  by bringing a claim.

Examples of Dental Negligence Claims
  • Carelessness.  If your dentist isn’t concentrating he may make a mistake with your treatment.
  • Incorrectly prescribed Medication –  Your dentist may make a mistake with the  dosage of the drug or  give  the wrong type of medication or out of date medication which then makes you ill. A patient could also suffer  from a dentist giving  a drug that they are allergic to when  it is clear that the patient shouldn’t be prescribed that drug .
  • A missed diagnosis or delay in diagnosis – A dentist can be found to be negligent if they miss a problem or condition which they should have spotted and the patient goes on to suffer as a result. A delay in diagnosis could lead to a patient losing a tooth or teeth and having ongoing problems sometimes over many years, such as pain and regular infection.
  • A dentist removing a healthy tooth or the wrong tooth.
  • Instrument problems – A dentist could be found to be negligent if they use instruments that have not been properly sterilised or if a patient swallows an instrument or part of an instrument is left in your mouth without being advised of it.

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