Wills & Estate Disputes

This is a complicated area of law in which having the right lawyer on your side is vital.

We actively seek to resolve disputes through mediation, but when this is not possible, our experienced litigation team will provide you with knowledgeable and proactive support every step of the way.

The areas covered by our team include:

  • Inheritance Act claims (where the Will or the position on intestacy fails to properly provide for the claimant);
  • Claims regarding lack of testamentary capacity in execution of Wills;
  • Claims concerning undue influence in execution of Wills;
  • Improper execution of Wills;
  • Interpretation of the terms of a Will;
  • Claims regarding agreements made with the deceased before death, particularly with regards to the disposal of the estate;
  • Disputes over the identification of beneficiaries;
  • Claims for and against executors and trustees;
  • Trusts and charity disputes;
  • Claims relating to enduring powers of attorney.

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